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We had our first successful outside pee when I woke Cody up from his nap. It was quick, too. We went out, and before we got on the boardwalk to go somewhere, he detoured to the grass to piddle. YAY!

Then we went to continue our walk (because, since he won't go in the back, I don't want him to think that piddling means he doesn't get a walk). But we only got a little past the school when he pretty much stopped. When I urged him on, he came a little further, but was walking ... I want to say gingerly. Not like he was in pain, but very slowly and somewhat carefully. I stopped, and he FLOPPED on my feet. So I theorized that he must be worn out from our earlier walks, and we came back.

We played for a little in his puppy-jail, and I gave him a treat-puzzle, which he figured out partly, but will still find entertaining for quite a while. Then I made some lunch for myself while he sat behind my feet with his chew toy. I took my lunch to my seat (on the other side of puppy-jail), went back and settled him in on his bed with his chew toys and other toys and a chicken-chew-strip. And then I went to the other side of the puppy-jail.

WHINE! WHINE! (I ignore.) Whining stops. I wait a couple seconds and get up and tell him, "Good boy!" I go back to my chair. WHINE! WHINE! I turn around. He has piddled.


We clean it up - too late to carry him outside - and I get him resettled and start back to my chair. WHINE! WHINE!

I cannot tell if this is just because he doesn't want to be away from me, or if he still has to pee... He stops. I wait. Praise. Get the leash and join him in puppy jail. "Sit!" I say. Sit, he does. We clip on the leash and I say, "Let's go!" And... He trots over to his puzzle, flops down and starts working on it.

So I moved the puppy bed right by the gate to puppy-jail. Got him settled. Got my lunch in my hand and stood still on one side of him. He happily chewed away. I stepped to the side of the bed close to the gate and waited. He happily chewed away. I opened the gate and stepped through. He looked up.... I stood on the other side of the gate. He went back to chewing. I sat down on the floor on the other side of the puppy gate. He happily chewed away and his eye-lids got verrrrry heavy. I stood up, walked to my chair, sat down. He looked up, then put his head back down and dozed.

So. Other than TK thinking he should have my lunch, I was able to eat in piece.


See, in my lack of posting, I haven't talked about the duck and the goose and the ptarmigan. (: My friend, who has been very concerned about me since my Eosinophilic Esophagitis diagnosis, brought me a couple ptarmigan a few weeks ago. I made a... I don't remember exactly, but it was savory, and yummy. And last weekend, her son got geese and ducks, and she brought me one of each. And... And she knows I'm busy, so she'd already dressed them - plucked, skinned, cut, ready to cook! (The ptarmigan, too!) So I cooked them both in the crockpot with onions, potatoes, cranberries, carrots, rosemary, and a bit of salt and pepper. It was very simple and quite yum. And I was eating some of that, but TK wanted the duck.

Okay. Now that I have been done eating long enough to type this, I am going to go to the bathroom my own self, and then take the puppy for a hopefully nice long walk.

Then I have some work to finish so that I can be completely done after a meeting on Monday.


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