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I dreamt that there was a Buffy/Angel Reunion Con (somewhere in CA that was San Francisco, but with LA weather), and that I was one of the guests because I'd been a 'psychological' consultant. As was, apparently, the district contracted school psych (for LYSD), though I didn't know that until I started talking to him once we were there.

The convention itself was pretty much a blur. It was fun. It was a whirlwind of activity. It was a con. The end.

But then it was time to pack up and head back to the ferry-bus to the airport. And [livejournal.com profile] mizkit and I were hanging out and chatting, as we are wont to do (since, obviously, she had also been a guest, having written several episodes), when James Marsters, the school psych, and a couple other people joined us.
Kit and I greeted the newcomers and we discussed favorite panels and ups and downs of the con, and how nice, overall, the fans were. And James paused and peered me, and then Kit, and then me, and said. "We've met, before, right?" And Kit and I LAUGHED and allowed as to how, yes, indeed, and he remembered. He didn't know, then, that we worked on the show. So I mentioned that I was just a consultant a couple of times. My job had been to help make sure things were scary enough without being too scary. Like Spike's Dragon in the Angel episode. That was mine. Kit and I had both worked on the episode I dreamt back between 4th and 5th seasons (the really angsty one with Willow casting spells in German for which Spike was an essential ingredient). James was dutifully impressed.

Kit and the psych and the other people were going to a different airport, but James and I were both going to the one by ferry-bus, so eventually we said good-bye to all the others and started the long walk. I'm not entirely sure why, but we were both on the same flight to Boston (from which I had a connecting flight to Anchorage, and God, I'm glad the dream ended before I had to do /that/), so we had a nice long chat on the way.

There was a bit of a kerfluffle, right before I woke up, because we thought we'd missed the ferry-bus, but it turned out we hadn't, and we were just settling into our seats when I woke up.

Side note: Thanks to Lisa and Will (whoever they are) as organizers of the con, for bringing me down from Alaska for it. I re-found the letter in my pocket along with my plane ticket, while James and I were getting on the ferry-bus. I gather inviting me had been Kit's idea, but they're the ones who arranged it.
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In my dream [livejournal.com profile] mizkit, [livejournal.com profile] penlyon, [livejournal.com profile] alitria, and some friend of Kit's and [livejournal.com profile] genista's (of whom I hadn't previously been aware), and I were all together at Kit's new (very big) house.

There was a whole bunch of stuff about before I got there, in which I had acquired a self-created mix of salty-sweet snacks perfect for attending a movie while I was at the Russian Visitor's Center (yes, in Russia, just a pocket of Russia that was close enough to drive to) with my mom, and after leaving her at the end of our Russian tour, I had planned to take my perfect snack mix to a movie. And I'd been driving some sort of cross between a motorcycle and a van - one rode on it, straddling the seat, completely exposed to the elements like a motorcycle, but the whole vehicle was the size of a van. And I kept leaving my snacks somewhere, or missing the turn for the theatre, and that's why I ended up at Kit's house (having lost the snacks again).

But the important part (aside from the chocolate glazed doughnut holes that were perfectly fresh and left me with such a craving, this morning) was about what that friend of Kit and Genista was doing.

He'd been painting with "special effects paints" AKA "animation paints" and had just completed the three panel piece and was drying it while I was upstairs (trying to decide if I wanted to do the social thing with everyone else or if I really still wanted to try to sneak off to see that movie...). And when I came back down, he was just opening it up for everyone to see.

It was amazing. I was especially fond of the middle pane which was more subtle with the animation, and had the waves crashing against the rocks near the cliffs and the space between the sea and the rolling stormclouds. The right hand panel was pretty static with a storm above the cliffs and a cottage sitting precariously at the edge. The left hand panel was the most vivid and had the most obvious movement - with Poseidon rising out of the sea under a sunny sky, pointing his trident toward the cliffs (that didn't appear in that panel at all) and the storm forming above and around his arm/trident. You could actually see him lift his arm out of the water to point the trident, because of the paints.

Apparently, it all had to do with the lighting, and to get the effects you needed a few mirrors to bounce the light at the paint from several angles. I hadn't even noticed the mirrors until they were pointed out to me.

Now I want those paints. I mean, really want those paints. (And I also want to put that painting on the wall in my classroom. Or at least the middle panel for my house.)


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