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I'm in Kotlik. My house shows absolutely no sign of them having done... anything, beyond ripping out the carpet. Oh, and they put in the door they were supposed to put in, last summer.
Most of my things are either here or at school, but, uh. Not everything.
My TV, apparently, is being used by the contractor. Which I don't really mind, except for the part where no one asked me. The microwave is nowhere to be found. The TiVo is absent. Pretty much everything that had been in the utility room is missing.
The bookcases did get moved (which is good). But, uh. All of the furniture that belongs to the school... gone. And that includes, say, the kitchen table which was supposed to be brought to this house because the one here was broken and had been given away already in expectation of that one being brought over.
I have a bet with the secretary-- Actually I don't, because she wouldn't take it-- that the new furniture won't be here before school starts.
In the meantime, I'm staying at the house next door. All of my stuff that's here is sort of randomly stashed, mostly in boxes. There is no internet at the house (but if I hold the laptop in the window, I can connect to the school's network for brief periods). The school internet continues to block, er, a lot of things.
I haven't found the contractor, yet, so, I'm not sure what the timeline is for finishing.
My goal is to... continue going through the boxes that are over here, and getting rid of as much stuff as I can. I'm definitely leaning toward the "if you haven't used it in the last year, get rid of it".
And I just made a date to watch a movie with my 'brother', tomorrow afternoon.
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