Aug. 5th, 2014

PT: Day 2

Aug. 5th, 2014 05:31 pm
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52 degrees RoM!
Weight shifting (basically what it sounds like - Stand up and shift your weight from one leg to the other, in this case while holding onto a support)
Leg lifts, forward, outside, and back. Forward is "easy". Outside is... possible. A little scary, a little painful, but possible. Back was a no-go. Or, well, I did them with the PT's help, but could barely do one on my own. I get to start those basically standing and moving like I'd step backward and hold my leg up behind me. When that's easy, then I graduate to lifting from prone.

I went to the surgery center before my PT appointment and told them I was too squeamish to pull out the catheter on my own, so they slipped me in when the anaesthesiologist was between patients. It was... just as simple as they'd told me, but I'm still glad I let him do it. Still pretty numb, but feeling should be coming back (with the exception of a small squarish spot on my upper shin that I should expect will remain numb because of how the nerves run through the knee and where they need to cut) through the evening.

Also. I completely forgot to mention before.
My anaesthesiologist is Doctor Sweeney.
The other one in the office is Doctor Todd.

I am not making this up.


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