Aug. 3rd, 2014

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Probably as a desperate attempt to win back an audience with the really nice new theater around, Dimond Center updated (at least some of) their theaters. (I don't know about the ones that didn't get recliner seats, but I imagine they got a remodel, too.)

There are about 100 seats - 6 rows of 18 recliners with one row missing several to make room for wheelchairs. The projection has been updated, too; it used to be a very dark theater, but there was plenty of light for Guardians.

Even with my feet up, there was room for the 4 year old to run back and forth in front of me without bumping my foot. (Thankfully, the parents put a stop to that during the previews...)

Every seat has a great view, so far as I can tell. It's no greater a slope than it was, before, but the distance between rows and the offset means that there aren't any obstructions. Footrest comes up all the way, and the seat reclines as far as you could want.

Pictures! )

I might go back on Tuesday or Wednesday to see something else. The worst part of the trip, for me, was the cab ride back to the hotel, because there was only one seat, and it was on the right side, so I couldn't put my foot up or sit sideways, and every bump or change in speed was another jolt of pain. (The cab seems designed to hold a stroller, maybe? It's not tall enough to put a wheelchair where the empty seat was, and it's too high to get a chair in with someone in it, anyway.)


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