Aug. 1st, 2014


Aug. 1st, 2014 05:18 pm
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My CyberKnee! New brace, ice machine, and OnQ medicine ball for my femoral nerve block.

Pictures! )
Just got back from my post-op appointment. Everything looks good. He snipped away the torn bits of meniscus (which is the more common of the two options for the type of tear he found), but was able to keep most of it. He showed me the tears to the cartilage behind my patella, and suggested that'll cause problems in the future, but nothing to be done about it, now. (But that's old news, anyway.) The surgery itself went really well. He was very pleased.

I have PT appointments for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. He gave me the protocol and it looks like 21 weeks of very specific graduating program, 7 months of PT, and then another 5 months of "and keep this up until 1 year post-op". Looks like I'll get an electro stimulation machine, since that's going to be part of the protocol. We're both hoping that the school district PT will be willing to consult with me sort of on the side when she comes out.

I'm supposed to come back in 6 - 8 weeks for a follow-up, and then again in 3 months or so. We've agreed that the clinic health-aides can do the wound check in two weeks. There's really only 3 little external incisions to look at, anyway. As long as everything internal is good, there won't be much to check. And if everything internal isn't good, well, I'll know before the clinic appointment, and I'll head back to Anchorage.

I told the doc I wasn't taking any oxy and he gave me a very skeptical look and said I would probably need to, soon. I said I was going to try just the ibuprofen, first, but, uh, he continues to be skeptical. We'll see. I turned down the nerve block from 6 to 4 ml/hr. If that's enough for pain management, it'll last a bit longer. If I have to take the oxy, I have to take it, but I'd really rather not. Or at least keep how much I take to the bare minimum.

On the bright side, I got new bandages and I'm allowed to shower, now. (:


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