Jun. 12th, 2014

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"You just made my day! I've never seen anyone who was attacked by Autons, before!"

So in the continuing saga of "What's Wrong With You, Now?" I noticed that my right ankle was more swollen than I really would have expected, given that it was my knee that was in pain. So I poked the Just Answer docs again, and they said, "Um! That could be a blood clot. Get thyself checked out!" So I did. And, since I was already there, when the doctor said, "Do you have any other questions?" I said, "Hey! Can you look at my finger, since I'm here?"

He made me promise that I hadn't beaten anyone up, and the X-Ray technician thinks that since I didn't keep the mannequin arm after I pulled it off, the mannequin actually won the fight. The doctor did know what Autons were. As did the person who wheeled me down to X-Ray, whose parents built a TARDIS in Homer, apparently.

My finger is not broken (I didn't think it was), but the doctor made all sorts of faces when he touched it and it crunched, which is why it got X-Rayed. We decided that, while a splint might do it some good, it might interfere with the crutches, and I can buddy-tape it if I want, or just be careful with it. I'm opting for the just being careful.

My ankle. My ankle IS swollen. It is far more swollen than it should be. It turns out, it's also tender if you prod at it. I don't have untoward pain in my calf, and I don't have any other symptoms that would indicate a blood clot, so they elected not to do the $4000 ultrasound. (Why is an ultrasound $4000?) I thought that was just dandy. But the doctor was concerned with the swelling, and, er, after prodding at it a bit, was worried that I might have actually broken something, there. So we did X-Rays of the ankle, too. No breaks, but I have, apparently, damaged the ligaments in the ankle, too, and so now I have a brace for the ankle that ends about an inch before the brace for the knee begins, and I'm not allowed to put weight on the ankle until the knee is functional.

I can honestly say I think this is a first, for me. I've had Strep and not known I was sick, but I've never sprained my ankle and had no clue.

Also. I need a new Userpic for the whole hanging my head in shame and disbelief sort of... thing.


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